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Created: 11.02.2007

Updated: 10.02.2023


"To sing a song with trembling sigh..."
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" your times I'll come..."

"And until the poems burn to dust..."
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It's "Time to bring the hearts together..." And now has dawned the time - the time to bring the hearts together - together around Vladimir Bolotin. Around his words, his melodies, his sketches - filled with tenderness and thought. This resource is for all who loved and love him; for those who will love him yet. It is for all. It is for him as well, of course. He sees us and he knows us all - "somewhere, somewhere over yonder..."

Constant temptation - to use his words his phrases. Amazing aphorisms... You could use these for greeting, for example: "Greetings to the hunchbacks, the downcasts, the old..." Behind them his smile is hiding, but really - is now Vladimir Bolotin understood or not? It may be true - he only is for "ancestors"? Though there was a time when we were 19 and 20 when we were listening to him in onset of the 80's, last century...

That's not the point. We should've done this thing for him and that's what we're doing. The hearts will answer. They're bound to!

We're inviting to take part all those interested, the un-indifferent, the ones that know and remember the man of heaven - Vladimir Bolotin.

"Don't pine me 'way, my friend, But hug from far away..."
"Touching with lips the luke warm remarks..."
"Somthing, likely, somewhere will happen..."
"The history that has befallen me..."
"The 'Eastern Wind' disk is also on Internet..."
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"My simbolism as clear as daylight..."


"Wе'll fully live..."

"Now there's a place for everyone in him..."

"Won't part with you, we'll suffer for eternity..."
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